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Building: residential development (80 luxury units, 3 penthouses)
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects
Year: 2008-...
Location: TriBeCa, New York (USA)
(Nick Ceulemans as project collaborator, 2008)

The project will transform an eleven storey building, built as a warehouse between 1903 and 1906, into a residential apartment block.
In its recent history, the building has seen a number of negative interventions, including the removal of the historic cornice and the infilling of the street-level areaway. David Chipperfield Architects’ scheme consists of a systematic programme of repair, renovation and intervention - the most significant intervention being the creation of a new rooftop addition. The zinc-clad volumes, in combination with a zinc-clad projection, establish a new top to the building that reinterprets the original historic cornice and the informal roofscape synonymous with this typology and with Manhattan.
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