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Building: private one-family villa
Architect: Wiel Arets architects and associates b.v.
Year: 2000-... 
Location: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
(Nick Ceulemans as project collaborator, 2002-2004)

“The brief called for three main areas of design according to the family’s habits and hobbies. Besides the single-family house, the project comprises a ‘museum’ for the storage of restored automobiles and a garden with a greenhouse structure. An existing stable and house occupy the northeaster edge of the open site. These will be demolished and replaced by the proposed design. Instead of the provincial road giving direct access to the house, a new private driveway meanders through the garden in front of the house. In plan, the living areas are sandwiched between the spaces reserved for the automobile collection and the garden component. This results in several spatial and almost ‘voyeuristic’ confrontations between these two programs.”
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